Labour Law


- A first contact with the idea of labor;
- Acquisition of the basic concepts of Labor Law ;
- Perception of the specific nature of the labor contracts ;
- Stimulate the discussion of labor problems.

General characterization





Responsible teacher

João Zenha Martins, António Monteiro Fernandes


Weekly - 4.5

Total - 54

Teaching language



Not Applicable


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Teaching method

Classes are structured in order to combine a theoretical component with a participatory component on the part of the students. Given the scarcity of time for the full exposition of the subject, students are invited to respond to "challenges" (consisting in solving practical cases) outside the classroom, in addition to participating in sessions of application of the most important topics of the subject.

Evaluation method

Continuous assessment and final examination. Assessment by final examination allows a uniform level of demand to be maintained, proving adequate in the context of the School and of this training offer in particular.

Subject matter

Labour Law: what, why and for what purpose?
Concept, object and general features of Labor Law
Sources of Labor Law
The sources hierarchy and the connection between law and collective agreement
Labor Contract: concept and core elements
Legal features of the Labor Contract
Labor Contract vs service contract (or limited executive tenure)
Labor Contract under a special scheme
Labor Contract Modalities: a variety of deviations vis-à-vis the typical model
Labor contract formation
Contract formation process
Contractual formalism
Labor contract invalidity
Probation period
The employer and the enterprise
The employer’s powers
The quid of employment
The working place
Employment duration
The right to rest and leisure: the regime of holidays
Duty of assiduity and the regime of absence
To work in exchange for what? On remuneration


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