Go Global 2


The accreditation of the Go Global activities that aim to contribute for the internationalization of the students from Nova School of Law in the field of Law.

The following are considered internationalization activities: 

  1. Student internships or volunteer activities in foreign countries or in entities with foreign projection, such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, international organizations, NGOs or multinational corporations; 
  2. Moot courts or other simulations involving international entities; 
  3. Brief courses that promote a better comprehension of the international environment.


The following are not considered internationalization activities, if they are developed within the scope of: 

  • a) curricular units concluded at Nova School of Law or during mobility programs;
  • b) employment contract or service agreement;
  • c) sports, religious or associative activities;
  • d) the course with extracurricular work.


3. Curricular units concluded within the scope of mobility programs are not considered internationalization activities. 

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Evaluation method


In order to get the credits for the extra-curricular activities as part of the Go Global module, students will need to provide the following two documents:

 - 1) a short statement in English (maximum 1 page) explaining why the relevant extra-curricular activities should be credited as part of Go Global (for this, it is essential for the relevant activity to include both a legal and an international aspect); and,

- 2) a letter signed by your supervisor confirming that you undertaken said extra-curricular activity and the number of hours in the case of a placement or an internship, or a certificate proving your participation in the relevant activity (e.g. course or moot court). 

At the end of each semester, each student will be awarded an approved or failing grade on the basis of the analysis of the documents refered to above.

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