Health Systems in Fragile States


This specific unit on Health systems in different stages of development aims at providing students with an in-depth knowledge of the reality of health systems in low-income, by defining concepts to do with health system structure and organization, as well as how to distinguish between different stages of development.

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Responsible teacher

Paulo Ferrinho


Weekly - Se a UC for oferecida como opcional, o horário será disponibilizado no 2º semestre

Total - 40

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• IMF (2014). Poverty Reduction and Growth Trust. Washington DC, International Monetary Fund.
• Sambo, L. G. and J. M. Kirigia (2014). "Investing in health systems for universal health coverage in Africa." BMC Int Health Hum Rights 14: 28.
• WHO (2000). World Health Report. Geneva, World Health Organization.

Teaching method

Theoretical and practical classes; seminars and tutorials.

Evaluation method

A final essay applying the concepts of health system analysis to different epidemiological and demographic stages.

Subject matter

I. Definitions on health systems in low-income countries.
II. The epidemiology and burden of disease in different stages of development.
III. Organization of health systems in different contexts.
VI. Health expenditures to achieve different stages of development.
V. Interventions to develop health systems world-wide.


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