Master in Biomedical Sciences

Education objectives

The Master in Biomedical Sciences seeks to respond to new problems and challenges facing this century in order to:

1- Allow access contact and effectively to modern and current syllabus.

2- Include new themes that allow unequivocally contribute to achieving the "Millennium Goals" to health.

3- To strengthen the practice, and theoretical and practical teaching / learning by improving the efficiency of acquiring skills directly related to the professional objectives of the course.

General characterization

DGES code



Master (2nd Cycle)



Access to other programs

Enables the continuity of training, at the level of the 3rd cycle of studies, in any area of Life and Health Sciences.


Ricardo Parreira

Opening date

October 2022




3000 euros


Thursday and Friday, from 1:30 pm to 8:00 pm

Teaching language

Mostly in Portuguese. Some CU may be taught in English

Degree pre-requisites

Duration: 2 years (4 academic semesters). Total credits: 120 ECTS for the achieve of the master degree (60 in curricular units + 60 in the preparation of the dissertation).

Conditions of admittance

Consult the Course Regulations available at

Evaluation rules

Evaluation Regulation available at
Each curricular unit (CU) is evaluated according to the criteria established by the Teacher in charge, which are available in the section "Evaluation method" in the "General characterization" tab of each CU.
The academic degree of the Doctorateis given a final classification in the range of 10-20 of the entire numerical scale from 0 to 20, as well as its equivalent in the European scale of comparability of classifications. The calculation of the final classification is obtained by weighted arithmetic average by the number of credits.


1.º year - Scientific Area of Biology
Code Name ECTS
9512025 Bioinformatics 3
9512001 Celular and Molecular Biology 4
9512026 Genomics and Proteomics applied to Infectious Diseases 2
9512002 Immunology 4
9512023 Safety and Laboratory Manipulation 3
1.º year - Scientific Area of Microbiology
Code Name ECTS
9512038 HIV and AIDS 2
9512003 General Microbiology 4
9512008 Molecular Microbiology 6
9512017 Tuberculosis and other Mycobacterioses 2
1.º year - Scientific Area of Parasitology
Code Name ECTS
9512012 Malaria 2
9512004 General Parasitology 4
9512009 Molecular Parasitology 6
1.º year - Scientific Area of International Health
Code Name ECTS
9512024 Biostatistics 4
9512027 Neglected Tropical Diseases 2
9512007 Molecular Epidemiology 4
9512028 Ethical Principles of Biomedical Research 2
Code Name ECTS
95120060 Genetics of Drug Resistance in Parasitology 2
95120061 Cell Culture: Practical Applications 3
95120056 Translational Research 3
95120037 Mechanisms of Antibiotic Resistance 3
2.º year
Code Name ECTS
9512099 Dissertation in Biomedical Sciences 60