Post-Graduate Studies Course StartUp Research

Education objectives

The Post-Graduate Studies Course StartUp Research, designed by Researchers and Entrepreneurs, operating at ITQB-UNL and NOVA SBE, is preferably aimed at PhD and post-doctoral students. The aim of this course is to create awareness in researchers of the value their science can generate.

The Program will provide Life Sciences researchers with knowledge about innovation trends in the industry, soft and entrepreneurship skills.

General characterization

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Postgraduate programmes


Postgraduate Studies

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Miguel Santos (ITQB NOVA) & Aníbal Lopez (NOVA SBE)

Opening date

Applications: 05 February 2021 - 14 May 2021


20 places


€ 1500 for master's / doctoral students enrolled at ITQB NOVA, NOVA SBE or another NOVA Faculty.

1800 € for teachers, researchers or other employees of ITQB NOVA, NOVA SBE or other NOVA Faculty and Associated Entities (and partner institutions, IBET, IGC, INIAV, Champalimaud Foundation)

€ 2200 for students and staff from other Universities (20% discount if there is more than 1 member of the same institution)

€ 2800 for applicants from non-university institutions and actively working in research (20% discount if there is more than 1 member of the same institution)

Administrative cost fees (enrollment): 26.00 euros


Friday: 2: 00pm-7: 00pm

Saturday: 9:00am-1h00pm

Teaching language

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Degree pre-requisites

Complete the 3 course modules:

1) Innovation in Biotechnology ( 4 ECTS)
2) Business Concepts (2 ECTS)
3) Elaboration of a StartUp Project ( 2 ECTS)

Conditions of admittance

The Program is open to all researchers and science managers, preferably with more than 2 years of lab work.

- 40% Curriculum Vitae: Pre-Bologna Degree and / or Post-Bologna Master Degree;
- 60% Motivation Letter: To explain and justify how the present and future interest in Research and development translate into social impact and potential. The letter must be written in fluent English.

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Evaluation rules

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