Postgraduate Program in Statistical Systems with a specialization in Official Statistics

Education objectives

The postgraduate program in Statistical Systems, with a specialization in Official Statistics, aims at endowing technical staff and managers who work in the scope of the National Statistical System (NSS), either as producers or as analysts or users of statistical information, the knowledge and skills crucial to the exercise of their activity.

This program, accredited EMOS (European Master in Ocial Statistics) by European Statistical System, offers specialized training in official statistics, particularly in the production of statistics that cover the statistical activity of NSS and of the international organizations of which Portugal is a member.

The program is aimed to employees of the organization that take part of the National Statistical System of Portugal and the Portuguese-speaking countries. The program is also addressed to everyone who is interested in official statistics, including the employees of any other organizations with interests in this field and the general public.

The main goal of this program is training managers and experts to:

- Develop techniques and methodologies of data collection;

- Master the tools and processes used for the storage, organization and access to information in an entity with responsibility for the compilation of statistics;

- Apply the statistical and computational methodologies and tools, for exploration and analysis of information, to produce official statistics that can add value for decision making;

Applications - 3rd call
To complete the application, the applicant must register in NOVA IMS' Applications Portal, fill the form, upload their Curriculum Vitae, pay the application fee (€ 51), and submit the application in the end from June 21st to July 21st, 2022. The selection process is based on the analysis of the applicant's academic and professional curriculum.

General characterization

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Access to other programs

The postgraduate program gives access to the master degree program in Statistics and Information Management, with a specialization in Information Analysis and Management, upon the development and presentation of a scholarly thesis, or work project or undertake an internship (subject of a final report) and the approval of the course unit Research Methodologies. 


Pedro Miguel Pereira Simões Coelho

Opening date

September 2022





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Degree pre-requisites

The program offers 20 elective course units, which correspond to 114,5 ECTS. To earn the postgraduate program diploma, students must complete 60 ECTS. Students can enroll up to 75 ECTS.

This path is an option of

Post-Graduation in Statistical Systems

Conditions of admittance

To enter this program, applicants must meet the following requirements: hold a bachelor’s degree in a compatible field (completed by September); be proficient in English (spoken and written).

Evaluation rules