Economic History of Speaking Portuguese Countries


Students should be able to know the essential aspects of the evolution of the Portuguese imperial economy between the 15th and 20th centuries. They should also know the basic economic evolution of Lusophone economies since independence in the case of Brazil, since 1822; in the case of Africa, since 1975

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Responsible teacher

Maria Eugénia Mata


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Teaching language

Portuguese and English


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Teaching method

Classes will develop students' research skills. Will use library resources, locally and electronically

Evaluation method

The chair score is the weighted average of the required final exam grade (60%) and information for the semester (40%). The final exam covers the whole matter. The information of the semester consists of an individual written work (20%) and an oral presentation (20%) as a member of a group. Written work should consider an issue to be announced in class. Written works must be short (up to 1000 words) and the deadline is 20 April 2020. Each student will upload their work to the moodle page of this subject, where the date is recorded. Delays will be discounted on the note (at the rate of 1 value per day), and the extension will also (for equity).

Subject matter

Brief introduction to the Lusophone world
– Overview of the history of the Portuguese Overseas Empire (1415-1975)
– Independence and first century of life in Brazil (1822-1930) 4 – The "Race to Africa" and the "new Brazil" (1880-1930)
5 – Twentieth Century: an integrated imperial economy (1930-1975) 6 – Colonial War and Decolonization (1960-1975)
– The Brazilian economy in the 20th century (1930-2012)
– The Angolan economy after independence (1975-2013)
– The Mozambican economy after independence (1975-2013) 10 – Guinea-Bissau's economy after independence (1975-2013)
11 – The economy of Cape Verde after independence (1975-2013) 12 – The economy of Sao Tome and Principe after independence (1975-2013)


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