Leading Top Management Teams


The specific objectives of the curricular unit are:

1.Understand the role of top leaders and the teams of which they are part

2.Discuss the role of top leadership in organisational governance processes 

This curricular unit has the following objectives:

•Present the specific characteristics of strategic leadership

•Discuss the paradoxes of managing top teams

•Analyse the paradoxical challenges inherent to the leadership of strategic teams     

•Discuss and  broaden students'  knowledge  about  what  makes  teams  tick,  and  how  agile  teams outperform structurally rigid teams.

General characterization





Responsible teacher

Miguel Pina e Cunha


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Teaching language

Portuguese | English


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Berti,  M.,  Simpson,  A.V.,  Cunha,  M.P.  &  Clegg,  S. (2021). Elgar  introduction  to  organizational  paradox theory.Edward Elgar.

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Teaching method

. Class

. Group discussion

. Case studies

. Self-assessments

. Exercises

. Discussion of assigned readingsThe session will include a more explanatory part combined with self-reflection and group work exercises. Short educational videos will also be used to inform the extended discussion in the classroom.

Evaluation method

The assessment will be:

Final Individual Essay -50%.

Group work -50%

Subject matter

Organisations in a changing world

The strategic leadership -or the leadership of the organisation

The role of the management team

Internal dynamics of top management teams

Understanding top management team dynamics

Paradoxes of top management teams


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