Master's in Innovation and Entrepreneurship - Executive

Education objectives

This executive master's degree has as its main learning objectives:

1.  Understanding the main currents and philosophies of thought that characterize innovation and entrepreneurship;

2. Developing a practical and action-oriented approach in each participant;

3. Viewing their industry from a value chain perspective, identifying the different participants and their incentives; Identifying new opportunities to create new business areas or to test new customer relationship models, value propositions, models and billing, among others

Students are expected to develop skills such as:

1. use general management skills in an environment of innovation and entrepreneurship; 2. know how to manage the process of product and service innovation;

3. skills of developing and presenting new ideas/business;

4. applying skills such as leadership, project management and business model design; 5. creating a consumer-centric culture.

General characterization

DGES code



Master (2nd Cycle)



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Ricardo Zózimo e Pedro Oliveira

Opening date

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Teaching language

Portuguese and English

Degree pre-requisites

Completion of 60 ECTS distributed as follows: 30 ECTS in curricular units + 30 ECTS in thesis (Workproject)

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Conditions of admittance

  • Only candidates from accredited or recognized schools in their countries of origin will be admitted.
  • Candidates from Bachelor's programs with an academic degree in Management, Economics, Finance, Technologies, Engineering, Design and Architecture, Social Sciences, or other related scientific areas are accepted.
  • Candidates must have at least 5 years of experience in functions relevant to their academic area, preferably executives, managers, and middle management who wish to improve or update their skills in innovation/entrepreneurship.

English language skills are required as some of the curricular units will be taught in English.

Evaluation rules

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