Research Seminars


In this UC the student should acquire knowledge and competences that enable them to:

Consolidate and practice critical analysis of scientific publications specially the methodology, identifying strong and weaker points;

Recognize and identify the best experimental approaches, the most adequate technology and the best experimental models to answer a specific question in a specific scientific area;

Choose in an informed way three lab rotations to be done in the first year second semester and choose the master research project;

Know the research activity and the main research projects ongoing in CEDOC NMS|NMS, and other groups from the research unit iNOVA4Health.

General characterization





Responsible teacher

Prof.ª Doutora Rita de Oliveira Teodoro


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The main bibliography or other relevant learning resources will be provided by the various scientists that participate in the teaching activities.

Whenever applicable bibliography should consist in scientific papers that are available in open access or in specific repositories accessible by the students. In each edition of the course the most updated and current bibliography will be provided. Students are encouraged to share notes and other relevant information concerning the UC in virtual fora or virtual blackboards.

Teaching method

The evaluation will have three components: the presentation and discussion of a scientific paper of the group presenting the workshop (40%), a short written research project based on the article presented (40%), and participation and attitude in class (20%).

Evaluation method

- Workshop evaluation (40%);

- Mock proposal evaluation (40%);

-Participation in class, general performance (attendance, attitude in class) (20%).

Subject matter

Seminars presented by principal investigators of the research groups of CEDOC NMS|FCM to explain their research; including their scientific area, methods, techniques and experimental models common in biomedical research and their application in the specific PI area.

Workshops presented by students about seminars specific topics with emphasis on the critical analysis of the experimental approach, methods and techniques used. In these workshops the students are obliged to present a paper published by the presenting PI. The student will also present and write a 1 page research project in the area of the presenting PI.




Programs where the course is taught: