Newsroom project


At the end of the course unit the student is expected to be able to:
a) understand how an essay works;
(a) understand the functioning of a newsroom;
b) contribute their own suggestions for the agenda of a media outlet;
c) meet the guidelines and deadlines agreed for the delivery of the pieces;
d) to produce quality journalistic pieces for the referred media outlet;
e) to choose the most appropriate formats for the production of each piece.

General characterization





Responsible teacher

Dora dos Santos Silva


Weekly - 4

Total - 168

Teaching language





Coelho, P.; Reis, A. Bonixe, L. (2021). Manual de Reportagem. Labcom Books
Cox, J. (2020). Feature Writing and Reporting. SAGE.
Ricardo, D. (2010). Ainda Bem que me Pergunta. Manual de Escrita Jornalística. Editorial Notícias

Teaching method

The teaching method is exclusively laboratory.

Evaluation method

Contribution to newsroom meetings: 20%

Fulfillment of tasks within the scope of the outlined editorial project: 80%

Subject matter

Since this is a totally laboratorial curricular unit, it will work as a newsroom of a
media organization and, whenever possible, in articulation with a real
newsroom. All classes will work as newsroom meetings to decide on the
editorial agenda and monitor the students' work, both by the editors of the
media organization and by the responsible teachers so that the production of
the pieces is guaranteed on time.