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Responsible teacher

António Alexandre de Oliveira Duarte


Weekly - 4

Total - 168

Teaching language



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Brochand B, Lendrevie J (1985) Le publicitor. Dunod, Paris, France
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Walton D (2007) Media argumentation: Dialectic, persuasion and rhetoric. Cambridge University Press, New York, NY

Teaching method

1. Introduction to theoretical concepts
2. Analysis of cases and examples – whole class and small group works
3. Groupwork on types of ads and presentations

Evaluation method

Método de avaliação - 2. Analysis of a campaign (homework)(30%), 3. Presentations(10%), Test (short analysis of an ad; short exercises)(60%)

Subject matter

Elements of communication: Theories of communication; Image interpretation; Levels of interpretation
Elements of cognitive linguistics: Relationship between effort and reward; cognitive dissonance
Elements of rhetoric: Argumentative strategies of decision-making; types of arguments; common ground and culture
Fundamentals of theory of emotions: Mechanisms of fast decision; Mechanisms of emotions; Types of emotions; Emotional ambiguity; Emotive words
Fundamentals of theory of humor: Mechanisms of humor; levels and types of humor; assessment of humor; risks