Business and Commercial Translation Practice (German to Portuguese)


a) To acquire basic knowledge of the firms organization and business activities.
b) To develop translation skills on the related subjects;
c) To deepen the linguistic competence on reading comprehension in German and written production in Portuguese.

General characterization





Responsible teacher

Maria Gabriela Castro de Vilhena Fragoso


Weekly - 4

Total - 168

Teaching language



Level A.2 (CEFR) of German.


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German newspapers.

Teaching method

The unit will be taught using a combination of theoretical lectures and practical classes during which the students engage in various research and analysis tasks in order to acquire knowledge about the subjects studied and specific vocabulary.

Evaluation method

Evaluation Methodologies - Participation in class is mandatory. (50%), Written translations of selected texts, pre-prepared and personally presented in class and two written tests (50%)

Subject matter

Theoretical aspects:
1. Economic, financial and administrative aspects of the company. Human resource management.
2. The importance of translation in the business communication process.

Practical aspects:
3. To perform tasks on the identification of lexical, semantic and syntax difficulties encountered in a diversity of business texts.
4. To translate various kinds of texts related to the different aspects of business activity.