Final Course Work in Philosophy


1) Draw an original research project, containing both the state of the art in a philosophical question within the chosenarea of expertise and a doctoral dissertation plan,with contents and chronogram.
2) Deepen philosophical knowledge in the specialty area.
2) Acquire specific methodological and bibliographic skills.
3) Develop academic reading, analysis and writing skills.

General characterization





Responsible teacher

João Manuel Pardana Constâncio


Weekly - 2

Total - 560

Teaching language





Variável, em função das áreas de especialidade e dos projetos em elaboração.
Bibliography will depend on both the areas of speciality and the projects in progress.

Teaching method

Given the nature of this curricular unit, an individual follow-up work is required, the assigned tutor depending on both the student and the kind of project he intends to drawn up.

Evaluation method

Continuous assessment - Public discussion of the dissertation by a jury of experts(100%)

Subject matter

1) Questions about the methodology of scientific work in Philosophy.
2) Basic structure of a doctoral dissertation.
3) Models for writing philosophical works.
4) Ways of arguing and defending points of view in the specialty area.
5) In-depth questions in the chosen area of expertise.