Urban Development and City Policies


This course aims to enable students to understand the main problems and challenges faced by urban territories, and to introduce them to the main theoretical paradigms that characterize the analysis and action on the development of cities. Particular emphasis is given to the territorial development policies and cities policies in the EU and in Portugal.

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Responsible teacher

Nuno Henrique Pires Soares


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Total - 168

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Teaching method

Teaching hours are organised into two components: a) Sessions based on organised presentations of differing issues by members of the teaching staff b) Workshop-format sessions involving presentations by students focused on the discussion of readings or case studies, where students can develop the skills mentioned above.

Evaluation method

Evaluation method - Students can choose one of the following assessment systems: a) Continuous assessment Group Work - 50% Individual Test - 50% The group work theme will be selected from a list of themes which will be delivered, at the beginning of the semester, by the teaching team. b) Individual Exam - 100%(100%)

Subject matter

1.Introduction: Development, territory and urban areas. 2.Theories and strategies of territorial development: a. The spatial paradigm; b. The regional economy paradigm; c. The territorialist paradigm. 3.Urban changes and development challenges: a. Globalization, economic restructuring and urban competitiveness; b. Intra-urban structuring, functional segmentation and social dualization; c. Urban dynamics, mobility and sustainability; d. Connectivity, urban systems and rural areas 4.Cohesion and territorial development policies: a. Spatial planning and territorial development; b. The evolution of development and cohesion policies in EU and Portugal; c. Urban planning and local/regional development policies: objectives, instruments and actors 5.City policies and urban governance: a. City policies and governance: conceptual issues; b. Cities in EU policies agendas; c. Portuguese cities policy;d.Cities governance in Portugal


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