Internship with Report


The dissertation work falls under the terms defined in paragraph b) of Article 20 of Decree Law 65/2018, and consists of an individual research and / or development work that explores the knowledge acquired throughout the course, original and specially designed for that end. The subject needs not to be an unsolved scientific problem, however, the approach and/or presentation must present novelty.

General characterization





Responsible teacher

Maria de Lourdes Belchior Afonso, Pedro Alexandre da Rosa Corte Real


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Total - 28

Teaching language



Approval in courses totaling 90 ECTS of the Master in Actuarial Mathematics.


The bibliography depends on the specific subject chosen for the Dissertation.

Teaching method

Active, autonomous learning and the practical application of the theoretical concepts learnt during the master''s course are promoted, as well as encouraging research into new methodologies for developing the work plan.

Evaluation method

The work developed is formally presented in the Master''s Dissertation, defended in public tests before the jury, which evaluates it and assigns a final grade, according to the general rules of FCT and NOVA.

Subject matter

The dissertation plan depends on the specific subject of the Dissertation.


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