Architecture for Systems Integration


Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to:

  1. Understand System Integration Principles: Grasp the fundamental concepts of system integration and the importance of seamless communication between diverse systems.

  2. Explore IoT Technologies: Gain insights into the Internet of Things (IoT) and its applications, including Ambient Assisted Living, Smart Homes, and healthcare.

  3. Learn about Industry 4.0 and Digital Manufacturing: Learn how Industry 4.0 is transforming manufacturing processes, and understand the concept of factories of the future and digital manufacturing.

  4. Architect Solutions to achieve System Interoperability: Explore integration and interoperability techniques for enterprise-level systems.

  5. Embrace Model-Driven Development: Master model-driven development and apply it to real-world scenarios.

  6. Implement Smart Solutions: Understand the implementation of smart solutions for health, sensorization, and data collection in IoT.

  7. Design Sensing Enterprise and Cyber-Physical Systems: Explore the design principles behind sensing enterprise and cyber-physical systems.

  8. Leverage Big Data: Discover how to integrate big data technologies into systems integration projects.

  9. Apply Knowledge to Real-World Scenarios: Acquire practical skills for acquiring data from wearables and implementing smart solutions in real environments.

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Responsible teacher

João Filipe dos Santos Sarraipa, Ricardo Luís Rosa Jardim Gonçalves


Weekly - 4

Total - 66

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Teaching method

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Subject matter

1- Presentation and Evaluation Rules; Introduction to the Interoperability theme; Presentation of results from previous years'' work.

2- Industry 4.0, Factories of the Future, and Digital Manufacturing; Selection and discussion of topics for theoretical assignments.

3- Enterprise Modeling; Software Architectures.

4- Integration and Interoperability of Enterprise Systems; Model-driven development; Model-driven Interoperability.

5- Sensing Enterprise and CPS.

6- Big Data and System Integration.

7- Data Analytics applied to a real logistics scenario.

8- Knowledge and Ontologies in Intelligent System Integration.

9- Smart4Health Project and the sensorization of a medical device; Collection of IoT data; Implemented Architecture.

10- INEDIT Project and the acquisition of data from wearables for the smartification of a kitchen; Implemented Architecture.

11- Class to support the development of theoretical work.

12- Presentation and discussion of theoretical work.


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