Integrated Circuits Synthesis and Optimization


The objective of this course is to introduce methods and tools to support the design in different phases of the project and the synthesis of analog integrated circuits. The focus is the optimum circuit sizing and automatic generation of novel (optimum) topologies. Will be presented some relevant techniques to assist the main objectives. The student will develop the ability to apply the methodologies taught, to specific circuit topologies and to generate new topologies.

General characterization





Responsible teacher

Rui Manuel Leitão Santos Tavares


Weekly - 2

Total - 42

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-    Hugo Serra, Rui Tavares; Nuno Paulino; “Optimization Methodologies for the Automatic Design of Switched-Capacitor Filter Circuits for IoT Applications”; ISBN: 9783031041839; Springer Nature; 2022.


-    Nuno Lourenço, Ricardo Martins, Nuno Horta; “Automatic Analog IC Sizing and Optimization Constrained with PVT Corners and Layout Effects”; ISBN: 978-3319824857; Springer; 2017.


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-    Singhal, K. and Vlach, J., "Computer Methods for Circuit Analysis and Design", ISBN 9781441947383, Springer, 2010.

Teaching method

Content development will include both theoretical-practical approaches. Lectures will be complemented with student work (research and essays). Practical strategies will include case study and problem solving. Skills will be consolidated thought assignments autonomously.

Evaluation method

The seminar classes require that students analyze, synthesize, and prepare an oral presentation of a topic. Complementary with practical assignments it is intended to help students sediment the subjects.

Subject matter

Introduction to Optimum Circuit Design. Optimization Methodologies. Robustness-aware Circuit Design Techniques. Optimum System and Circuit Sizing. Automatic Circuit Synthesis.


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