Undergraduate Practice Opportunities Program


The program’s objective is to give the students the possibility to experience professional practice in a company. The students should respect the company timetables and perform the tasks given by the company supervisor.

General characterization





Responsible teacher

Ayana Maria Xavier Furtado Mateus, Manuel Valdemar Cabral Vieira


Weekly - 4

Total - 4

Teaching language



The students must be registered in the 3rd year of the 1st cycle in Mathematics.


Not applicable.

Teaching method


The student has a supervisor in the company that gives him/her indications about the tasks. The student also has a supervisor at FCT.

Evaluation method

The evaluation of the curricular unit results from the assessment of the following elements:

1- Written report.

The report must be written according to the model provided (Supporting  documentation/others) and delivered by the student to one of the unit''s teachers. The report must not exceed 10 pages and must be delivered by the 3rd of March 2024 and will be evaluated by the teachers of the curricular unit.

2- Student performance in the company.

The evaluation by the company will be carried out by the internship coordinator at the company, and sent to the teachers of the curricular unit.

The final classification is expressed on a scale of 0 to 20 points and given by the weighted average of the two components:

50% report evaluation

50% evaluation of the coordinator in the company

The evaluation forms for the written report as well as the student''s performance in the company are available in Supporting documentation.

The qualitative assessment expressed in the forms uses the following scale:

A–Very Good; B – Good; C – Satisfactory; D – Unsatisfactory

To convert the qualitative scale into the quantitative scale from 0 to 20, the average value of the respective grade on the ECTS comparability scale of the student''s course must be used (which can be provided each year by the Academic Division). The qualitative classification D must be converted to 8 points.

Subject matter

Not applicable. Each company decides the tasks the students should perform during this internship.