Data and Decision Sciences Seminar


The main objective in this unit is the development of research skills and the use of mathematical skills to solve problems in real contexts, within the scope of the areas of specialization (actuarial, statistics or operational research). One of the specific objectives of this curricular unit is to allow students to have contact with real problems, whose approach involves the use of Mathematics.

General characterization





Responsible teacher

Regina Maria Baltazar Bispo


Weekly - 2

Total - 28

Teaching language



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Teaching method

Interactive methods will be used in conjunction with the presentation of thematic seminars made by companies invited to present real mathematical challenges.

Evaluation method

First assessment:

Study in the areas of Data and Decision Science in response to a proposed challenge and production of a scientific poster (60%), with presentation of the poster (15%) in an event to be held in the Mathematics Department.

Throughout the semester students will make 5 interim presentations (25%) - maximum 2 slides - where the topics will be addressed sequentially:

1. Context, motivation and general objectives of the project;

2. Literature review (state of the art)

3. Proposed methods;

4. Results obtained;

5. Conclusion.

The work should be delivered in poster format.


Second assessment (appeal):

The assessment will consist of a written assignment analyzing a real challenge (70%) and individual oral presentation (30%).

The written assignments (maximum 5 pages) must be delivered in scientific paper format.

In the appeal/improvement period the student will have to choose a different topic from those covered in period 1.

Subject matter

Bibliography and information sources

Literature review: strategies and techniques

Plagiarism and Information Ethics/Mendeley

Thematic seminars (presentation of real mathematical challenges by companies)

Scientific writing.


Programs where the course is taught: