Sustainable Chemistry

Education objectives

The Doctoral Programme in Sustainable Chemistry is hosted by three top Portuguese Universities. The staff members involved in the Programme form a large network of chemists, biochemists, pharmacists and chemical engineers, dedicated to the development of Sustainable/ Green Chemistry.
Sustainable Chemistry is the new name of Industrial Chemistry. As presented by SusChem (, the European Chemical Industry Technological Platform, Sustainable Chemistry has an encompassing nature, covering aspects of different areas of Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Materials Science, and White Biotechnology.
Sustainable Chemistry is thus contributing to tackling some of the main challenges presented to chemistry in the 21st century.
This Programme covers subjects as diverse as synthesis and manufacturing; protection of individuals and analytical chemistry; computational chemistry, theory and molecular design; biochemistry; drug design, materials science, biomaterials and nanotechnology; environmental chemistry; energy and chemical engineering. Graduates will specialise in one these areas. They will arrive at the job market at a time when strong demand for graduates in Sustainable/ Green Chemistry programmes is expected, from both industry and academy.


General characterization

DGES code



PhD (3rd Cycle)



Access to other programs

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Ana Isabel Nobre Martins Aguiar de Oliveira Ricardo

Opening date

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Portuguese students: 2.750€/year

Foreign students: 2.750€/year


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Teaching language

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Degree pre-requisites

Duration: 3 years

Credits: 180 ECTS

Mandatory scientifc areas

Scientific Area Acronym ECTS
Mandatory Optional
Chemistry Q 174 0
Management G 3 0
Any Scientific Area  QAC 0 3
TOTAL 177 3

Conditions of admittance

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Evaluation rules

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1.º Year
Code Name ECTS
13049 Thesis in Sustainable Chemistry 150.0
1.º Semester
Code Name ECTS
13047 Communication Skills and Elements of Ethics and Deontology 3.0
13046 Introduction to Sustainable Chemistry and Technologies 6.0
13048 Methods of Molecular and Macromolecular Characterization 6.0
11355 Thesis Project 12.0
1.º Semester - Opção Livre
Code Name ECTS
13255 Option Free 1 3.0
O aluno deverá obter 3.0 créditos nesta opção.