Advanced Public International Law


The main purpose of this subjet is a more deep knowledge of problematic topics about Public International Order and International Relations, considering the skills that a Law School must offer to a master's degree programme student.


General characterization





Responsible teacher

Jorge Bacelar Gouveia


Weekly - 3

Total - 36

Teaching language



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Teaching method

Theoretical classes, presenting specific themes, in dialogue with the studants.

Evaluation method


final written exam: only - 100%

with written paper: 40%, with 60% for written exam

Subject matter


§ 1º Public International Law and Domestic Law


1. Sources of Public International Law

2. Treaties as main source of Public International Law

3. Conclusion of treaties in Portuguese Constitutional Law

4. Relationship between Public International Law and Domestic Law: perspectives, problems and solutions; the Portuguese Solution


§ 2º International Law of Spaces


  1. Public International Law of Spaces: in general
  2. International Law of the Sea
  3. International Air Law
  4. International Space Law


§ 3º International Security Law


  1. International Law and the solution of controversies
  2. International Law of Peace
  3. International Law of Armed Conflicts
  4. International Humanitarian Law
  5. International Criminal Law