Advanced Civil Law


- Knowledge of substantive law regarding the most relevant and current issues of Civil Law related to Consumer Law, namely in matters of standard contractual clauses, unfair commercial practices, distance contracts and sales and supply of contents and digital services;

- Deep understanding of theoretical and practical issues, the values at stake and the interests involved;

- Acquisition of basic knowledge and skills for the future performance of legal duties or to raise the level of knowledge about the subjects listed;

- Strengthening the capacity of analysis and reasoned critique, building solutions and solving problems within the legal framework;

- Development of research capacity, exposure of building materials and texts on legal issues relating to course materials.

General characterization





Responsible teacher

Jorge Morais Carvalho


Weekly - 2

Total - 24

Teaching language



Not Applicable


- José Engrácia Antunes, Direito do Consumo, Almedina, 2019

- Carlos Ferreira de Almeida, Direito do Consumo, Almedina, 2005

- Jorge Morais Carvalho, Manual de Direito do Consumo, 7th ed., Almedina, 2020

Teaching method

- resolution of practical exercises;
- analysis, comment and debate on decisions of national and European courts.

Evaluation method

- (i) preparation of a case law commentary, (ii) test and (iii) class participation (100%);

- final written examination with a duration of three hours (optional, instead of the other elements of assessment or for grade improvement).

Subject matter

This semester's classes will focus on consumer contracts issues in the light of the applicable legislation and the case law of the national and European courts. The legal regimes of standard contract terms, unfair commercial practices, distance contracts, sale and supply of digital content and digital services, and consumer credit will be examined in depth.