Maritime Law and Civil Liability


  1. To understand the framework of the contract of affreightment and the different "charter parties" in the shipping market, including, the analyses of the BIMCO contracts for voyage, demise and time charters.
  2. To understand the marine insurance, including the basic issues, concepts and draftsmanship involved in placing hull and machinery insurance in the London market and obtaining liability insurance provided by P&I Clubs (protection and indemnity clubs).
  3. To identify and to analyse the ocean pollution conventions, available limitations on a shipowner's liability in respect of marine pollution, conventions.
  4. To identify the legal frame of the general average issues and application of the York-Antwerp Rules.
  5. To identify the national law covering the arrest of ships, registration of vessels and mortgages of vessels and judicial sales of vessels and priority of claims.
  6. To identify the international conventions on the carriage of goods by sea, including the products of such conventions: the Hague Rules, the Hague-Visby Rules and the SDR Protocol, the Hamburg Rules and the Rotterdam Rules.
  7. To identify the salvage issues and documents, including the International Convention on Salvage, 1989, Lloyd's Open Form 2000 and Lloyd's SCOPIC 2005 clauses.
  8. To identify and to analyze the maritime guarantees, mainly, the liens and mortgages in shipping.
  9. To identify the European Union legal regime of the maritime transport of goods.
  10. To identify and to analyse the maritime finance, including review and dissection of complicated loan agreements, related security documents, including guarantees, assignments of insurances, assignments of earnings and ship mortgages.

General characterization





Responsible teacher

Duarte Lynce de Faria


Weekly - 2

Total - 24

Teaching language



Not Applicable


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(REMARKS: The complete bibliography shall be available in e-learning platform)

Teaching method

The sessions will include presentation of the various issues on a theoretical point of view and some practical cases on international maritime law. Teaching will include lectures and practical drills.

Evaluation method

Assessment will be based on a final written test (exam).

Subject matter

  1. Presentation and objectives (2 hours).
  2. The "charter party" regime (4 hours).
  3. The international maritime transport of goods conventions (4 hours).
  4. The international conventions on pollution (4 hours).
  5. Maritime insurance and the P&I Clubs (4 hours).
  6. General average and the York-Antwerp Rules (4 hours).
  7. National law that rules the Arrest of Vessels, Registration of Vessels and Mortgages of Vessels, Judicial Sales of Vessels and Priority of Claims (4 hours).
  8. Maritime salvage regime (2 hours).
  9. Maritime guarantees and maritime finance (2 hours).
  10. Final conclusions (2 hours).