Law of Online Platforms


The course aims to introduce students to the legal and policy developments on the regulation of online platforms, making them familiar with the EU scenario and equipping them with a toolkit to draw further comparative analysis.

General characterization





Responsible teacher

Giulia Priora


Weekly - 3

Total - 36

Teaching language



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Excerpts from Andrew Murray, Information Technology Law (Oxford University Press 2019);

Fabio Bassan, Digital Platforms and Global Law (Edward Elgar 2021);

Tatiane-Eleni Synodiou et al (eds), EU Internet Law in the Digital Era. Regulation and Enforcement (Springer 2020), optional reading of research papers from JIPITEC, EJLT, Internet Policy Review journals.

Teaching method

Lectures; peer presentations; moderated in-class discussions.

Evaluation method

The assessment will be based either on a take-home essay assignment or a final exam. Each option will count 100% of the final grade.


Students can decide to deliver a 15-minute-long class presentation on one of the selected topics. One week after the class presentation, students will have to upload an individual literature review of maximum 3000 words (footnotes included) on the same topic.

  • FINAL EXAM (100%)

Students can decide to sit on a 3-hour-long, open-book, questions-based final exam.

All assignments and exams will be checked for plagiarism. Where this is detected, a fail grade will be awarded. Students who fail the exam will be offered the possibility to re-take it. Students with special needs (e.g., medical needs, visual impairments or disabilities, maternity needs) are encouraged to reach out to Prof. Giulia at the beginning of the course to arrange together a fitting assessment method.

Subject matter

Session 1: Introduction


Session 2: Legal definitions of online platforms


Session 3: Private ordering


Session 4: EU E-Commerce Directive


Session 5: EU Digital Service Act


Session 6: EU Digital Markets Act


Session 7: Platforms¿ liability for product and contractual liability (sale)


Session 8: Platforms - liability for data protection


Session 9: Platforms - liability for copyright infringement


Session 10: Platforms - liability for hate speech and child protection


Session 11: Platforms - liability for terrorist content and misinformation


Session 12: Q&A discussion