European Labour Law


To obtain an overview of the main themes and documents of European Labor Law.

To analyze the influence of ELL in national legal systems, including jurisprudence.

General characterization





Responsible teacher

António Monteiro Fernandes


Weekly - 3

Total - 36

Teaching language



Not Applicable


Brian Bercusson, European Labour Law, Cambridge, 2ª ed., 2009.

Catherine Barnard, EU Employment Law, Oxford, 4ª ed., 2012.

Mélanie Schmitt, Droit du travail de l'Union européenne, Bruxelles, Larcier, 2011, 

Teaching method

Expository classes.

Examples and practical applications.

Presentations by students.

Evaluation method

Writing and oral presentation of group work on topics previously chosen from a list provided by the teacher.

Weighting of the classification of works with information collected throughout the course about the active participation of each student.

Final written exam for those who want to improve their grades.

Subject matter

1. Introduction: Labor Law in the European Integration Process

2. ELL sources

3. The European concept of "Worker"

4. The employment contract and atypical forms of employment:

5. The protection of worker privacy

6. The European working time regime

7.Protection against discrimination in labor relations

8. European Collective Labor Law.

9. The rights of workers in restructuring and closing companies.