Research Integration

Education objectives

This course intend to initiate students on a scientific activity, to develop his/her critical sense, creativity, oral and written skills and to promote scientific autonomy. These objectives will be accomplished by the students’ integration in research laboratories from any of the Institutes that form the Associated Laboratory of Oeiras. Each student will have a supervisor.

General characterization

DGES code



Postgraduate programmes


Scienfitic Research Training

Access to other programs

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Beatriz Royo e Abel Oliva

Opening date

Applications and registrations open all year.


According to the avaliability of the laboratory where the student will develop his/her work.


Tuition fees: 670,00 euros (only for external students)
Registration fee: 15,00 euros


This course unit will last one year, partial time in a research laboratory.

Teaching language

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Degree pre-requisites

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Conditions of admittance

Research Integration it is destined to first cycle students in the areas of science and technology. Number of credits: 16 ECTS and 92 hours on a total for the academic year.

Evaluation rules

Assessment of the course units for this course will have three components:
1) Continuous assessment by the supervisor(s) of the student – 50%;
2) Assessment of the report of the research project. This assessment will be made by the supervisor(s) of the student – 25%;
3) Assessment of the work in a public presentation. The presentation will be evaluated by a panel composed by the supervisor, one of the coordinator of the course and one member external to the laboratory where the student developed his/her work – 25%.


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