Sustainable Finance


Sustainable finance is one of the strongest trends in capital markets – it encompasses 31% of global AUM and grows 17% annually. The course provides an overview of the global sustainable finance market and its different variations, and explores how financial players (institutional investors, asset managers, wealth managers, corporations) can manage capital and generate value through Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) lenses.

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Responsible teacher

Rodrigo Tavares


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Whelan, Tensie; Ulrich Atz; Tracy Van Holt; and Casey Clark (2021), ?ESG and Financial Performance: Uncovering the Relationship by Aggregating Evidence from 1,000 Plus Studies Published between 2015 ? 2020?. Available online

Tavares, Rodrigo; Ashwin Kumar N C; Camille Smith; Leila Badis; Nan Wang; and Paz Ambrosy (2016), ?ESG Factors and Risk-Adjusted Performance: A New Quantitative Model? in Journal of Sustainable Finance & Investment , Vol. 6 (4).

Teaching method

The course will be delivered in six sessions, balanced between interactive lectures, guest speakers, and case study discussions. Students will be expected to work (in diverse groups) in order to provide solutions to sustainable finance challenges.


Evaluation method

Final exam – 50%

Cases and Problem Sets – 40%

Classroom Engagement and Participation – 10% 

Subject matter

1. Introduction to sustainable finance

2. How to invest through ESG lenses?

3. ESG data

4. Communication and reporting

5. Sustainable finance in practice I

6. Sustainable finance in practice II