International Master's in Finance

Education objectives

Your international career starts here with the 11th best Master's in Finance in the world – recognized by the Financial Times!  

If you ambition to brave the globe and dive into the realm of finance, this Master's was designed for you. Are you ready to perform higher than most?

It is a highly selective 3- Semester Master’s Program that provides students with the tools, concepts, and training to succeed in an international context:

In Year 1 (first and second semester), students follow the Master’s in Finance Curriculum and benefit from an exclusive and personalized support from a dedicated Nova SBE Career team to prepare their career abroad. Exclusive language Courses of Portuguese and Spanish are also offered.

In Year 2 (third Semester), students complete their Master’s Thesis by developing a consulting project (Field Lab) with an international scope.

The International Master’s in Finance (IMF) is designed for bachelor’s students who want to have an international career after their master’s program and ambition a fast career progression in the financial area.

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General characterization

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Master (2nd Cycle)



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Profª. Catherine da Silveira

Opening date

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Full-time and on-campus

Teaching language


Degree pre-requisites

The Masters have a minimum duration of 3 semesters of instruction, including a curriculum and a Work Project (thesis).

The maximum period for the completion of the masters are 6 academic semesters after the admission to the master's degree. For obtaining the master's degree it is required to complete a minimum of 90 ECTS, being the maximum of 120 ECTS, which decompose in:

Curriculum: disciplines in a minimum of 60 ECTS (*);

Approval of Work Project: 30 ECTS.
A maximum of 35 ECTS in courses are allowed per semester. During the Work Project Semester, students are allowed to enroll in a maximum of 14 ECTS in courses.

Master's courses (**) are worth the following number of credits:

Full courses (duration of a semester): 7 ECTS
Half courses (half semester): 3.5 ECTS

Career Program: 2 ECTS in skills development modules

(*) Students need to take 35 ECTS in electives, which can be chosen from the courses list available.

(**) Courses on offer are subject to change.

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Conditions of admittance

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Evaluation rules

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Code Name ECTS
2206 Banking 7
2658 Career Program 2
2237 Financial Econometrics 7
2253 Corporate Finance 7
2477 Introduction to Programming 7
2229 Investments 7
2165 Microeconometrics 7
Code Name ECTS
2220 Entrepreneurial Finance & Venture Capital 7
2658 Career Program 2
2232 Applied Corporate Finance 7
2168 Macroeconometrics 7
Fall 1st Half
Code Name ECTS
2489 Data Curation 3.5
2578 Mastering Your Career 2
2217 Corporate Governance 3.5
2277 Impact Investments 3.5
2233 Macroeconomics of Financial Markets 3.5
2254 Strategic Marketing 3.5
2269 Empirical Methods for Finance 3.5
2270 Financial Modeling 3.5
2238 Financial Reporting 3.5
Fall 2nd Half
Code Name ECTS
2243 Real Estate Finance 3.5
2257 Futures and Options 3.5
2172 Numerical Methods and MatLab 3.5
2156 Seminar on Current Economic and Financial Issues 3.5
2491 Data Visualization 3.5
Spring 1st Half
Code Name ECTS
2222 Financial Statement Analysis 3.5
2215 Auditing 3.5
2239 Corporate Valuation 3.5
2412 Managerial Accounting 3.5
2218 Derivatives 3.5
2272 Financial  Econometrics 3.5
2193 Behavioral Economics and Finance 3.5
2273 Fintech Ventures 3.5
2214 Asset Management 3.5
2225 Risk Management 3.5
2497 Models and Decision-Making 3.5
2494 Computational Thinking and Data Science (includes Applied Statistics) 3.5
2248 Fixed Income 3.5
2364 Venture Simulation 3.5
2278 Sustainable Finance 3.5
Spring 2nd Half
Code Name ECTS
2440 Big Data Analysis 3.5
2235 Credit Risk 3.5
2276 Financial Distress, Bankruptcy and Restructuring 3.5
2169 Financial Crises in History 3.5
2197 Advanced Behavioral Economics and Finance 3.5
2261 Energy Finance 3.5
2279 Islamic Finance 3.5
2226 Hedge Funds 3.5
2204 Mergers, Acquisitions and Reestructuring 3.5
2439 Management Control Systems 3.5
2240 Financial Intermediation 3.5
2236 Private Equity 3.5
2495 Continuous, Adaptive, Data-driven systems 3.5