Design and Construction of Data-Centric Apps


Web apps are pervasive nowadays, being able to design and even implement web apps for enhacing productivity and innovate processes is a high value technological skill that is currently brought more accessible to specialists in all business domains thanks to the availability of low code develeopment environments, that acceletarte and facilitate app development. However, desiging and constructing quaility apps requires several principles and conceots to be understood. The course covers key architectural, functional and technological principles for the development of state-of-the-art web apps, with a focus on scenarios that leverage data science and big data integration. 


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Responsible teacher

Luís Manuel Marques Da Costa Caires


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Selected papers and white papers about web application architecture and low code application development.

Teaching method

The course sessions will be centered on examples and architectural fragments of web apps, to promote "hand-on" learning of all principles, concepts and technologies. The final project, developed in a team, will integrate skills and knowledge, to deliver a fully runnning web application to manipulate and perform a data analysis task.


Evaluation method

Lectures will cover the fundamental topics of the subject matter, include time for questions and discussion about the subjects. Lab classes will be dedicated to exercises and guidance in the practical assignments, focusing on selected topics.

The course assessment will be divided into classroom quizzes (20%), one exam (40%), and a project (40%). The project will be develoed in a team of 2-3. 


Subject matter

1 - Introduction to data-centric systems and applications 

2 - Development of Web and Mobile applications in low-code 

3 - Data Abstraction 

4 - Data Security Models 



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