Business Analytics Special Project


Business Analytics Special Project can be seen as a capstone-like experience in which the student would demonstrate a broad knowledge of Business Analytics by undertaking hands-on projects with realistic data. Its main goal is to provide students an effective and meaningful understanding of the business analytics process and function through the concept of self-directed discovery and experiential learning. The primary activity in this course is a semester-wide project intended to produce a business analytics solution which provides substantive business utility, and to demonstrate its technical and economic feasibility in the contextual domain it was developed for. Upon completion of the several components of the projects, students will demonstrate a broad knowledge and clear understanding of critical concepts, practices and issues in Business Analytics project development and completion. Additionally, students will acquire experience in understanding the organization they are working with, the managerial problems the institution is facing, they will learn how to use technology and leverage data to solve those problems, identifying and understanding all the constraints of its implementation. 


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Responsible teacher

Patrícia Xufre


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The main references will depend on the projects topics. So, they will be provided by each teams mentors as the project develops. 


Teaching method

This course is designed to be a culminating educational experience. This class provides learning - but not in the traditional sense. The BA Special Project course is the singular opportunity to assimilate the various goals of ones total education through project-based, directed experiential learning within the problem domain Business Analytics.


Evaluation method

C1 - Project Charter (20%)

C2 - Data Dictionary (5%)

C3 - Data Stories (5%)

C4 - Exploratory Data Analysis (20%)

C5 - Pipeline (10%)

C6 - First results of modelling (10%)

C7 - Evaluation & Selection (5%)

C8 - Audit Fairness & Bias (5%)

C9 - (Plan for) Testing and some results (20%)

Subject matter

Components of the Project: 

Project Charter

Data Dictionary : centralized repository of metadata

Data Stories : narratives that explain how and why data changes over time  

Exploratory Data Analysis : process of performing initial investigations on data - discover patterns, spot anomalies, test hypothesis and check assumptions with the help of summary statistics and graphical representations

Pipeline : sequences of processing and analysis steps applied to data

(First) R esults of modelling

Evaluation & Selection : evaluation metrics used and why

Audit Fairness & Bias : see for instance

(Plan for) Testing and some results


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