Cracking the Sales Code


No business survives without sales. This course explains the different activities a company must perform to excel in sales. We will start by understanding what is the basic requirement for winning a sale and then move to sales channels, sales cycles, client segmentation, marketing, sales persuasion, negotiation, loyalty programs, channel management, sales force management, sales management and business intelligence. As by-product, you will understand how to make your own personal brand thrive. 


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Responsible teacher

Filipe Simões De Almeida


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Teaching method

This course will use different teaching and learning methods: lectures, class discussions, case studies, group assignments, group work, oral presentations. Students are encouraged to participate in class discussions because, although it is not part of the assessment, it is an integral part of the learning process. 

Evaluation method

Group work 50%

Individual exam 50%

Passing in this course requires a minimum grade of 10. 

Subject matter

Basic requirement to win a sale - Sales channels B2C, B2B, B2B2C, B2B2B - Client segmentation  - Marketing pyramid - Marketing personas

Client journeys - Marketing campaign planning - Digital marketing - Prospecting - Sales persuasion - Digital sales - Sales proposals - Negotiation 

Loyalty programs - Channel management - Territory planning - Channel conflict - Omnichannel - Sales force management  - Sales incentives 

Sales management  - Sales funnel - SMART sales metrics Performance measurement - Business intelligence 


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