Corporate and Brand Communications


A balanced approach to branding, combining theory and practice for students whising to work in Marketing, Advertising,
Communication and Strategy, developing a global or local brand in any sector (consumer goods, products, B2B, services,
luxury, retail ...)
The students (in teams of 4 or 5) will be asked to develop a Brand's Audit, using the main concepts of Branding (Image,
identity and Positioning), as they will be taught in class. Each group will select a brand, examine its current image and
indentity and then will recommend as identity and improved positioning in the Portuguese market (Other markets if defined).

General characterization





Responsible teacher

Daniela Langaro da Silva de Souto


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Kevin lane Keller (2009), Strategic Brand Management: European Perspective, prentice Hall
David A. Aeker (2004), Brand Portfolio Strategy, Free Press
Lehman, Donald R. and Russel S. Winer, Product Management, Mcraw Hill/Irwin

Teaching method

The course is organized to provide essential knowledge of branding as the main tools to carry out the group project,
including Marketing Research techniques used in the analysis of Brand Image and Brand Equity, The groups will present
their project to a jury of specialists in Branding (Brandia Produções Ficticias...) from the second to the last session in order
to obtain market feedback.

Evaluation method

Assessment: Group Project, Final Exam

Subject matter

Main concept of a brand What is a Brand?; how does a brand create (or not create) value for the consumer?; Equity, Image;
Identity; Positioning; 2. Hpw to measure Brand Equity and Brand image? 3. Identity abd positioning of a brand why brands
need identity and positioning?: Analysis of the main models of brand equity currently used in Europe and The USA, The
Brand Identity System David A. Aaker, The Brand Identity Prism Jean Noel Kapfere; Wich model best fits each analysis of
Branding?; Application: "The Portugal Brand" and the Portuguese brands. 4. Brand Building and Brand Architecture -
launching a brand / product; Growth through brand extensions, Brand building and building a business model, strategies of
Branding: Brand Product / Line Brand / Umbrella Brand / brand source / Endorsing Brand; Manage brand and the
relationships of products. 5. Adapt to the market: Identity and Change Issues rebranding, etc....


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