Doutoramento em Terapias Celulares e Medicina Regenerativa

Objetivos educativos

Regenerative Medicine is an emergent cross-disciplinary field relying on highly specialized professionals with a transdisciplinary and integrated education. The international PhD Program in Bioengineering – Cell Therapies and Regenerative Medicine is designed to promote the emergence of research leaders in academia, hospitals and industry, able to produce cutting-edge developments on Regenerative Medicine, translated into clinical applications, and to promote new business ventures, improving human health and economic growth.

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Manuel Carrondo (IBET/ITQB)

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Requisitos para obtenção do grau ou diploma

The international PhD Program Bioengineering – Cell Therapies and Regenerative Medicine comprises a 1st year of Advanced Studies (60 ECTS) followed by a 3-year research project (180 ECTS).

The 1st year aims to provide state-of-the-art theoretical background, advanced skills and hands-on experience in 3 Education-Research vectors:

(i) Stem Cell Biology,
(ii) Stem Cell Process Engineering and
(iii) Stem Cell-based Translational Medicine.

Condições de acesso

The following individuals may apply for grants funded by FCT under the framework of this PhD programme: Portuguese citizens, or citizens of other European Union member states; Citizens of other countries who hold permanent residence permits in Portugal or who hold the status of long-term resident, attested to by the SEF, Serviço de Estrangeiros e Fronteiras, under the terms respectively of Law 23/2007 from 4th July, amended by law nº 29/2012 of 9th August; Other third country citizens, where the official announcement provides for individual interviews as selection method. For grants in which the plan of work is to be carried out fully in foreign institutions, only Portuguese citizens or individuals who hold permanent resident status in Portugal are eligible to apply.

Applicants must hold a Bologna Master degree or an equivalent 4/5 years degree, or be at the final stage of their degree, in medicine, biology, bioengineering or pharmaceutical fields. A strong academic background on medicine, pharmaceutical sciences, basic sciences (cellular and molecular biology, biochemistry, chemistry), or engineering and technology (biomedical engineering, biological engineering, biotechnology), will be required. Applicants particularly interested in clinical research/translational medicine and/or technological innovation will be given preference. Candidates with entrepreneurship spirit will be favored, as well as those with demonstrated team’s work abilities and highly motivated to integrate R&D projects. Candidates should be fluent in English since this is the official language of the PhD program.

Regras de avaliação

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