Doutoramento em Química Sustentável

Objetivos educativos

The PhD in Sustainable Chemistry welcomes diversity and aims at recruiting students with a passion to perform research in one of the fields of Sustainable Chemistry. It will seek students with the intellectual maturity to be able to put forward the foundations of a well designed career plan, and who have successfully completed Masters degree in any area of Science and Technology with a sufficient Chemistry content.

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Beatriz Royo (ITQB NOVA)

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Janeiro (previsivelmente)
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Requisitos para obtenção do grau ou diploma

The PhD programme in Sustainable Chemistry totals 240 credits (ECTS); most correspond to the PhD thesis (180 ECTS) and the remaining 60 ECTS correspond to curricular units distributed in core and specific training. The program has a duration of 4 academic years, (only in exceptional circumstances can this duration be exceeded).

Condições de acesso

Candidates should meet the following criteria:

1. Masters degree in any area of Science and Technology, with at least 18 (Bologna) credits in Chemistry or equivalent subjects (if you will complete your Masters degree until the 31st December, you can also apply).

2. Minimum Grade-Point Average (GPA) of 14/20 (Portuguese Scale or equivalent by conversion in case of foreign candidates) is legally mandatory for admission in a PhD course in Portuguese Universities. The GPA is calculated using the following formula: 0.6 GPA Undergraduate Degree + 0.4 GPA Masters Degree. Exceptionally, the directors of the doctoral program may admit applicants with GPA lower than 14, provided that the candidate holds an excellent scientific curriculum.

3. Solid knowledge of English language is mandatory.

Regras de avaliação

The first year of the sustainable chemistry programme is organized in two terms.

Each student in the first term of the PhD programme follows a period of intensive training during 12 weeks. At the end of this period a thesis project is chosen.

During the 2nd term the students will be mainly working on the preparation of their PhD work plan, on the acquisition of soft skills and some advanced training on the scientific topic of their PhD theme. At the end of the first year the students will present their PhD work plan to a scientific commission nominated by the direction of PhD programme.


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