Management in Hospitality and Tourism


The course aims to provide students with theoretical and practical knowledge that can be used to support the hospitality and tourism management units, departments and customer relations. It seeks to raise awareness of the new reality's challenges, stressing Customer Relationship Management and Revenue Management's importance. The purpose of this curriculum is to:

1. Understanding aspects related to the organization and management of hospitality and tourism firms;

2. develop skills related to the operationalization of activities and services developed in hospitality and tourism firms, through the vertical and horizontal integration of resources;

3. Reflect on the challenges faced by hospitality and tourism firms;

4. Delineate diverse strategies to promote high-quality services.

Caracterização geral





Professor responsável

Maria Teresa Pinheiro de Melo Borges Tiago


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Idioma de ensino

Português. No caso de existirem alunos de Erasmus, as aulas serão leccionadas em Inglês




Método de ensino

The curricular unit is based on theoretical-practical classes. Several teaching strategies are applied, including workshops, project-based learning and case studies.

Método de avaliação


1st call:

Projects: 50%

Exam: 50%

2nd call:

Projects: 20%

Exam: 80%


The curricular unit is organized in Learning Units (LU):

LU 1 - Introduction to Hospitality Management

LU 2 - Lodging Management

LU 3 - Restaurant (food and beverage) Management

LU 4 - Customer Relationship Management in Hospitality

LU 5 - Revenue Management in Hospitality

LU 6 - Future Trends in Hospitality Management