Estudos de Mercado


This course includes a wide range of topics ranging from exploratory qualitative research, development of quantitative market research, also including experimental methods to test products, services and advertising. Students learn how to collect data, namely how to design a good questionnaire. The role of secondary data in market research and ways of reporting them are also studied.
With this course students should be able to design, conduct and report the results of a study appropriate to solve a marketing problem.

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Idioma de ensino

Português. No caso de existirem alunos de Erasmus, as aulas serão leccionadas em Inglês




Malhotra, Naresh K., Birks, David F. (2012). Marketing research: an applied approach. Fourth European edition. Harlow: Prentice Hall/Financial Times.; Vilares, M., Coelho, P.S. (2011). Satisfação e Lealdade do Cliente – Metodologias de avaliação, gestão e análise. Escolar Editora.; Aaker, Kumar, Day (2001). Marketing Research. Wiley.; 0; 0

Método de ensino

The course is based on theoretical and practical lessons. The theoretical classes are supported by several practical examples of application of the exposed concepts. The practical part is oriented to the design and development of a market study including the stage of exploratory and conclusive research.

Método de avaliação

The evaluation of the course (for both seasons) is carried out with a final exam and a project, including the design of an appropriate market study to a marketing problem.
Two reports must be produced (one on the exploratory research and another on the conclusive research). The reports are discussed with the teacher.
To get approval it is necessary a minimum grade of 9,5 points (out of 20) in each assessment element.


1. Organization and design of a market research
2. Primary and secondary data
3. Qualitative market research
4. Data collection
5. Questionnaire design
6. Causal research
7. Sampling
8. Presentation of results


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