Comportamento do Consumidor


This course aims to provide students a better understanding of consumer behaviour and provides insights for businesses. In addition, the development of a consumer insights project will be discussed and set in practice by the students. The course includes a diverse set of in-class activities and final project options (CB trends report, videography, etc) in which students can craft their own learning journey.

Caracterização geral





Professor responsável

Diego Costa Pinto


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Idioma de ensino

Português. No caso de existirem alunos de Erasmus, as aulas serão leccionadas em Inglês


There are no enrolment requirements. However, students without previous marketing/consumer behaviour background should become familiar with basic concepts by reading the recommended books and materials.


Método de ensino

The curricular unit is based on theoretical-practical classes. Several teaching strategies are applied, including workshops, project-based learning and case studies.

Método de avaliação

1st call:
CBI Quiz/Exam: 50%

CBI Final Project: 50%


2nd call:
CBI Quiz/Exam: 60 %

CBI Final Project: 40%


* A minimum grade of 8.0 (in 20) for the Quiz/Exam 

* A minimum grade of 10.0 (in 20) for the Projects/Challenges

* Project Delivery Rules: For each day of delay, a -1 point (in 20) penalty is applied.


The curricular unit is organized in Learning Units:
1. Consumer Behavior Insights
2. Understanding the Consumer
3. Psychological Principles of Motivation
4. Consumer Identities
5. Perception and Learning
6. The Science of Persuasion
7. Social and Cultural Influence
8. Consumer Decision Making Process
9. Emerging themes in consumer behavior