Gestão e Armazenamento de Dados


Today, data is everywhere and come in different shapes and volumes, in structured and unstructured forms. Companies need to store and manage these data using appropriate data management or database technologies for the success of their business processes. In Gestão e armazenamento de dados (Data management and storage) course, students will get familiar with the architecture of a DBMS, the existing relational database applications, the process of database modelling and normalization, the implementation of a relational database using SQL language (theoretical and practical), and the advantages and disadvantages of SQL and NoSQL databases. The students will be able to decide about the type of database is the best for their business needs. Moreover, the emergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools has created new opportunities for SQL analysts and SQL developers, greatly increasing their productivity. This course integrates the use of AI tools to work with relational databases in the labs.

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Mijail Juanovich Naranjo Zolotov


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Português. No caso de existirem alunos de Erasmus, as aulas serão leccionadas em Inglês


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